Which Festoon Light Globe is the best to use?

This common question we get here at Mr Festoon Lights is a very valid one and a question that is well worth asking as it can really affect how much you ultimately like your new festoon lights.

Whenever we get asked this question the first thing I do to answer it is ask YOU a lot of questions and depending on your answers narrow down the best festoon globe option for you.

Lets run through these questions now so you can get a better idea of what globe will work best for you and your application.

How much are you planning on using them?

A pretty simple question this one but one that can quickly narrow down some of the better options for you. We have, as you have probably seen, quite a range of festoon light globes and these include both LED festoon globes and non LED or basic incandescent festoon globes.

LED Globes have the advantage of being much longer lasting with run times before failure up to 20,000 hours and they do this while being much more efficient and using less electricity. This means that in the long run they are much cheaper to run in terms of both bulb replacement costs and electricity consumption costs.

Incandescent Globes on the other hand do not last anywhere near as long as LED globes and range in lifespan anywhere between 250 – 2000 hours depending on the type. They also do this while consuming more power and are considered very inefficient. This means that bulb replacement will be more often, and electricity consumption will be higher.

So it sounds like a slam dunk really – You would choose LED Globes every time right?

Well as with all things in life it is not quite that simple…

LED Light globes are much more expensive than the old style incandescent globes due to their more complicated parts and manufacturing process. Also, in many peoples opinion, do not look quite as nice as the old style filament incandescent globes although that is becoming less of a problem with the much better colour temperature controlled and filament LED festoon globes that we sell.

So, budget plays a big part in the decision and that’s why this question is such a good one to ask yourself when deciding.

Many people purchase festoon lighting simply for a one off use such as a wedding, birthday party or similar event. They also purchase them for home use where they might pop them up and only use them on rare occasions such as when friends pop over for a BBQ once in a month.

So if this is the case do you really need a globe that will last 20,000 hours when you only plan on using them less than 10 or maybe only 100 hours per year? Well often the answer is no I don’t need this feature and therefore can save some money and get the more basic incandescent globes.

If however you are planning on using them regularly or even daily such as commercial use than you should always steer down the direction of an LED globe to save money in the long run on bulb replacement and electricity consumption costs.

How much light do you want them to throw?

Another great question that along with the first one really starts to narrow down exactly what globe suits you the best!

We have a range of festoon globe choices from lower light levels to higher light levels (lumen levels) to suit most peoples needs. So when thinking of which light globe is best for your festoon lights have a think about what light levels you are chasing.

If wanting lower light levels, something to just give a little boost or ambient light than you might opt for a globe with lower light output such as our 1W Clear LEDs , 1W White LEDs or 25W Fancy Edison Globes. These give off lower lumen levels and will just add some light and leaning more towards decorative. Perfect for places that maybe already have some other lighting sources and just require a small boost and decorative affect.

If wanting something to boost light levels a little more but still retain ambience you might opt for our 2W Filament LEDs for regular use or for occasional use our basic incandescent 15W globes. These options both punch out a good level of light similar to a bedside table lamp so will really give light to a space but not make it so bright that it is unbearable!

Our highest light level light globe is our 4W LED Edison Globes options in both Round and Teardrop shapes. These lights are more similar to a floor lamp level of light and provide higher light levels without being very very bright! They are perfect for really dark spaces or maybe spaces where you have the festoon lights hung quite high from the ground so need more light to be able to reach ground levels.

Style of Festoon Globes – Personal Preferences

Festoon Light Globes - Biggest Selection

Finally once we have worked out the answers to the first two questions it then also comes down to a little of your personal choice in style and what you really like the look of. We have several options of globes that include the smaller traditional size festoon globe (golf ball sized) and also options for larger bulbs and various shapes such as Round or Teardrop.

Of course if you are still unsure than give us a call on 1300 599 510 and we can talk through it with you to find the best solution.