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Not sure what globes will suit you best? Take a look at our brief description of each type to help you decide.

Festoon Light Globes - Biggest Selection

1W Clear or White LED

Lower light levels suited for more ambient light or decorative purposes. Great when you just want a small boost to light levels and a durable long lasting bulb that looks great. Both types are shatterproof warm white bulbs.

2W Small Round Clear LED

Medium level light similar in level to a bedside table lamp. These will light up most spaces to a good level without being very bright! The warm filament LEDs are a great look and are compatible with dimmer switches.

4W Round or Teardrop LED

Higher light levels that will light up darker spaces well or when a higher level of light is needed while still being a warm inviting colour temperature. Similar in levels to a lounge room floor lamp in a larger decorative style Edison bulb. These are also compatible with dimmer switches.

Fancy Round or Teardrop Edison

Low to medium light levels suited for more ambient or decorative light levels. Great when you want to boost light levels and make an impact with beautiful Edison style globes. These are an incandescent style bulb and best suited to occasional use rather than everyday commercial use.

15W Round Clear

Medium light levels similar in level to a bedside table lamp. These will light up spaces well without being too overpowering. These are a basic incandescent globe so they don’t have a long life span and are best suited to occasional use such as events or residential use when not being used a lot.

No Globes

Got your own specific globe type in mind? No problem!
Simply select the “No Globes” option and you can match whatever globe you want with the festoon. Just make sure it has the standard E27 Screw fitting and is a 240V bulb and it will fit with our festoon strings.

Festoon droppers

Use our pendant style Festoon Droppers to add something special to your kit. These are compatible with all our Festoons and simply screw into the sockets to give a drop down pendant globe.

Black Festoon Dropper
White Festoon Extension Waterproof Cord

Waterproof extension cords

Compatible with our Standard Commercial Festoons these extension cords give you additional length from your power point to the first light bulb while maintaining the waterproof nature of your set up.